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You will notice that I didn’t include any pictures with my topic this time.  I did this because no one knows what an alien looks like, so it is all up to your imagination. There is room for lots of creativity. Another thing that I have done differently this time is I have not included a story starter paragraph. Instead I have included a sheet that can be downloaded to aid in describing YOUR alien. With this information kids can work together on a story.

Activities:  Dancing Aliens

This is a dance or a movement activity. It is sung to the tune of “Pick a Bale of Cotton”

1) Today I Jumped  down, turned around and saw an alien dancing.

Jumped down, turned around imagine my surprise.

My goodness look at all the aliens.

My goodness they all have purple eyes.

2) Me and my friends are gonna dance with the Aliens.

Me and my friends are gonna dance with them now.

My goodness look at us dancing.

My goodness look at us bow.

3)  We don’t know the steps and we don’t know the style.

We don’t know the words but we’ll do some more now!

Dance dance dance dance; dance with the aliens

Dance dance dance dance; dance all around.


Craft:  pompom aliens–

you will need–pompoms of various sizes, pipecleaners, googly eyes, craftfoam scraps glue bendable straws and any thing else your imagination dictates. Using yhe pompoms as the body and possibly a head, use your imagination and any of the supplies you wish to create an alien.

Decorations: For Table decorations you could make “flying saucers” from two styrofoam plates and a styrofoam bowl. Glue the two plates together with one up side down and one right side up. Glue the bowl on top (up sise down). Then paint the spaceship silver. Windows and such may be painted black.


Food:  Broccoli Cheddar Aliens 1 pkg frozen broccoli- thawed 1 jar RAGU cheesy double cheddar sauce 1 twelve oz. pkg refrigerated flaky buttermilk biscuits green food coloring 1 egg Martian Garnishes–thinly sliced carrot rounds and peas for eyes, broccoli for nose and eyebrows, and chow mein noodles for antennas and mouth. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Dry broccoli on paper towels. In a small bowl combine broccoli,3/4 cup cheese sauce,and bread crumbs; set aside. Separate biscuits in half to make 20 pieces.  On a floured surface, roll each into 3 1/2″ circle. on baking sheet arrange 10 biscuit circles. Evenly spread circles with broccoli mixture leaving 1/2″ border.  Top with remaining biscuit circles, sealing edges tightly with fork. Beat 4 drops food coloring with egg, then brush in circles.  Bake 10 minutes or until golden. Decorate with Martian garnishes.Serve with remaining double Cheddar sauce, heated. serves 10.


Planet 51 The junior novel—J.E. Bright

Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot–McNamara and Fearing

I Was a sixth grade Alien–Bruce Coville

Aliens Don’t wear Braces–Dadey and Jones

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda–Tom Angleberger

Binky the space Cat–

There was a movie in the seventies called “E T” which was about an alien. Anybooks that come from that movie would be good also.

Music:   We come from Pluto

We come from Pluto and We are the green team.

We fly in our spaceships, we’re seven feet tall!

The earthlings may eat us but they’ll never beat us

Cause we come from Pluto and we’re number one!

sing along  sing along  sing along

bloom bleep bleep–repeat this phrase 12 times using the melody of the first part of the song.

Make up appropriate movements to the  first part. When you come to “sing along”  crouch down on first one, stand halfway on second one and stand all the way on last one.

On “bloom bleep bleep” use two groups with one group doing an action on the bloom and the second repeating it twice with the bleep bleep.

Poetry: The Aliens Have Landed

The Aliens have landed!

It’s destressing, but they’re here.

They piloted their flying saucer

Through our atmosphere.


They landed like a meteor

engulfed in smoke and flame.

Then out they climbed immeresed in slime

and burbled as they came.


Their hands are greasy tentacles

Their headsare wierd machines.

Their bodies look like cauliflower

and smeel likedead sardines.


Their blood is liquid helium.

Their eyes are madw of granite.

Their breath exudes the stench of foods

from some unearthly planet.


And if you want to see these

sickly, unattractive creatures,

you’ll find them working in your school;

They all got jobs as teachers.

Kenn Nesbitt



Extras:   Five little Aliens  floated down from space

                 The first one disappeared without a trace.

                 The second one sonmersaulted passed the moon.

                 The third one flew through the atmosphere all too soon.

                 The fourth one shooted down counting ten to zero.

                 The fifth one landed safely like a hero.  

There is also the “Purple People Eater” and “The Little Blue Man” which were songs from the fifties about aliens.



Download a sheet to help you Describe your Alien


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