A Gathering of Kids

Tons of activities for kids



Activities: Bat Cave


Using large cardboard boxes or tables and blankets, make a bat cave. Let children use it for dramatic play.


Decorations: Bat Clips

For each bat, cut an extended wing shape from black construction paper or black felt. Next, cut an oblong body with pointy ears. Add round beady eyes cut from yellow or red paper or you could use colored beads. Glue body onto wings. Add feet. Glue a pinch style clothes pin onto back of the bat. Pin on a curtain or any place you want to decorate.

Crafts: bats

 For each bat, cut out two triangular ears from one end of a toilet tissue tube. Next, flatten the other end and staple it shut about one inch from the bottom. Cut a crescent shape in the stapled end to form the bats tail. Paint the tube black and let it dry. Next from a one foot long  strip of black poster board.   Staple the wings to the bat’s body. glue on googly eyes. Staple an elastic cord to the bats back and hang from ceiling.

Food: Bat chips- Using a bat shaped cookie cutter, cut bat shapes from tortillas. Lightly brush both side with your favorite oil or melted butter. Broil, flip so that each side is brown. Lightly sprinkle with a cinnamon sugar mixture.

Literature :  Stellaluna  by Janell Cannon seems to be the most popular

Others you might be interested in:

Cactus Cafe–K W Zoehfeld

Five Little Bats Flying in the Night–Steve Metzger

The Bat in My Pocket–Amanda Lollar

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat–L. Colandro


Music: Bats are sleeping (Tune Frere Jacques)

Bats are sleeping,Bats are sleeping

Upside down, Upside down.

Sleeping in the morning

Waiting for the night to come

To fly around, to fly around.

 I’m a Bat (tune-You are My sunshine)

I love the night time

The dark black night time

And that is when I fly around

I am nocturnal.I love the night time.

‘Cause I’m a bat,

I fly without a sound.


A bat’s a most

Peculiar thing

A bat can fly

A bat has wings.

It doesn’t hav feathers

or build a nest.

It hangs upside down

In a cave to re

Veins In The Membrane



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