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Castle Life


Activity– Blind Mans Bluff

Simple game. All you need is a a cloth for a blindfold and some friends. Choose someone to be blindfolded. Some times the blindfolded person is turned around a couple of times, but this can be eliminated at your choice. Then someone taps the blind man on the shoulder. The blind man must guess who the tapper is. If he guesses correctly. the blind man and the tapper switch places. If not, others take turns tapping.

>Crafts—  Magic wands

To tell any story with magic it helps to have a magic wand. Here are some directions.

Material needed–Large brown paper bag, Aluminum foil, scissors, tape, pencil, glue, glitter.  Cut out the front or back of the bag. Roll it up tightly. Tape it together to keep it tight. Cut two identical stars from foil. Glue the two stars together with the rolled paper between them. Glue glitter on.

Decorations- –  

cardboard cutouts resembling castles would be fun. 

Many banners or flags could be made and hung.



Tarts were popular foods in castles.

The outside of the tarts were similar to pie crusts. You can make your own or purchase pre-made ones.  The fillings can be canned fruit filling or meat dishes. the choice is yours as castle folk would like either.

Music  A nice round about castle  life is

Jinkin the Jester

Jinkin the jester was wont to make glee

with Jarvis the juggler til angry was he

Then Wilkin the wise man did wisely foresee

that juggler and jester should gently agree

Hey down, down, down, down, derry down, down, derry  down, down

Poetry- – Clapping in the castle–Nancy Stewart

There is clapping in the castle, there is clapping all around

There is clapping in the castle, mirth and merriment abound

There is jumping with the jesters, there is jumping all around

There is jumping with the jesters,mirth and merriment abound.

There is twirling in the towers, there is twirling all around

There is twirling in the towers, mirth and merriment abound.

There is dancing on the drawbridge, there is dancing all around

There is dancing on the drawbridge, mirth and merriment abound.

Light the candles, start the music, lords and ladies one and all

With our song and dance and laughter we will fill the castle walls





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