A Gathering of Kids

Tons of activities for kids

Cowboys and cowgirls

Cute little girl wearing a pink cowgirl hat and pink boots,

Activities: Stick horse rodeo

I thought of three events for this rodeo.

Barrel race–set up three objects (chairs would do) and have children ride their stick horses around them.

calf roping– have a stuffed cow or some other representative of a cow; have children ride by and try to lasso it.

Cutting horse–Have several  blown up balloons on the floor. Children ride by and pick out one cow. With a yard stick with ribbons on it try to put the cow in a pen(perhaps a box)


Crafts: Western Bandanas

You will need –unbleached muslin ( 18×18 square cut diagonally into 2 triangles); regular crayons(not washable);Waxed paper; Newspaper; iron.  Have enough triangles for each child. Let them be creative with designing their bandanas with the crayons. When they are finished, lay the triangle between the newspaper and the waxed paper. Iron on the waxed paper side.

Decorations: Use denim or chambray for the tablecloth. Bandanas could serve as napkins. Camping dishes would appropriate.

Food: cowboy stew

Literature: Here are some books you might enjoy.

Armadillo Rodeo–Jan Brett

Pecos Bill—Steven Kellogg

Why Cowboys sleep with their Boots On–Knowlton and Rice

The Gingerbread Cowboy

Cowboy Camp–Sauer and Reed

Cowboy small–Lois Lenski

Cowgirl Rosie and he Five baby Bison

Cowboys and Cowgirls Yippee Yay!–Gail Gibbons

The Brave Cowboy–Joan Walsch Anglund

Music: Good background listening would be Aaron Copeland’s “Rodeo”.

I’m a little Cowpoke (tune -I’m a little teapot)

I’m a little cowpoke. Here’s my hat.

Here are my spurs and here are my chaps.

As soon as I wakeup, I work all day.

I get on my horse  and gallop away.


Cowboy Pokey (hokey pokey)

You put your lasso in, you put your lasso out, you put your lasso in and you twirl it all about. You do the cowboy pokey and you turn yourself around, That’s what its all about.

Right spur, Left spur.

Tip your hat in.

Gallop your horse in.


Poetry: Around here there several cowboy poetry gatherings during the year. You could imitate  these gathering with you kids or here are a few poems they might enjoy.

I’m a little cowpoke dressed in blue

These are some things I like to do

Put on my hat, and put on my vest.

Buckle my belt, so I look my best.

Ride my pony, rope that steer.

Sleep in my bunk when night is near.

5 Little Cowboys

Five little cowboys sitting on a gate

the first one said, “This rodeo’s great!”

The second one said, “I love the clowns!”

The third one said , “I love the sounds!”

The fourth one said, “Can you ride a bull?”

The fifth one said, “No, but it sure looks cool!”

Then buzz went the bell and the gate flew open.

And off went the cowboys a ridin’ and a ropin’!



Storystarter: This is one theme that really lends its self to the continuing story as you could have a real or fake camp fire to sit around.  Two cowboys were walking back to the bunk house. Cowboy Bob said, “I saw a bunch of cows down in the canyon.”  Cowboy Bill said, “Those weren’t our cows.”  They got on their horses and rode down to see.


Horse shoes would be an appropriate game for this gathering.

Rattlesnake rumpus–Make a rattlesnake out of a long sock stuffed and with a rattle in the end.  Sit the cowboys and cowgirls in a circle an play some music. While the music is playing, they pass the rattlesnake around. When the music stops, the person holding the snake is said to be bitten and must sit out for the rest of the game.





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