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Activities: Dragon Breath

This game can be played with teams or with each child having its own string. You will need a ten foot (or longer) string for each team or child and a cone shaped cup. Pull the string through the bottom of the cup. Tie the strings to furniture,doorknobs, or nails so they are stretched tight. Try to get them shoulder height or a little lower.  Line up children (either by teams or individually) behind each string. Cups should be at the end of the string closest to children with open end of cups facing children.  At a signal, children begin blowing into the cup to move it along the string until the cup reaches the other end of the string. If playing as teams, the player must push the cup back to the beginning by hand for the next player. If playing as individuals, the first one finished is the dragon.

Crafts: Dragon sock puppets

green or red sock; green or red craft foam; assorted colors scrap craft foam;glitter glue; fabric glue;googley eyes; fabric pen.

Cut two wings and tail from foam matching sock. Decorate with glitter glue. With sock on hand,mark where eyes should go.Lay sock flat and attach eyes, tail and wings. Let dry.

Make flames with three colors of foam glued together on top of each other. Put sock on again to mark where the flames will come out of the mouth. Take sock off and glue on flames.


Use a long piece of paper for the tablecloth. Draw a dragon head and tail at either end. Have children print hand prints in green paint all along to make the body of the dragon.



How to train your Dragon–Cressida Crowell

There’s no such thing as a dragon–Jack Kent

Discovery of dragons–Graeme Base

The knight and the Dragon–Tomie dePaola

Puff the Magic Dragon–Pete Yarrow

How Droofus the Dragon lost his Head–Bill Peet

puff, The Magic dragon lived by the sea

Music: Puff the Magic Dragon

Food: cucumber dragon

Use one or two cucumbers and slice, keeping slices together,  gently place on platter in shape of dragon. Make horns from small carrots and wings from bell peppers. Serve with salsa or ranch dressing which may be colored with a bit of food coloring.


Story starter:

Draco the dragon was very shy. He would hide every time another dragon came by . He didn’t like talking to anyone. Could you help him?

What should he do? Would he ever b brave?


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