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The Mitten in the snow
(this can be done with the animals from Jan Brett’s book The Mitten or Farm animals or another category you may come up with)
The mitten in the snow
The mitten in the snow
Help us please so we don’t freeze
The mitten in the snow.

A________________ squeezes in,
A________________ squeezes in,
Help us please so we don’t freeze,
A mitten in the snow.
Continue with different animals. Depending on the age of the children you can do one animal at a time or continually adding on each new animal.


To make a matching pair of mittens, cut out two idntical mitttens from construction paper. Let the child decorate one with paint. Lay the other one on top and gently press down. Lift and you will have a matching pair.


It looks cute to put the silverware in a mitten at each placemat.


Mitten cookies–Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Let children decorate.
Mitten quesadilla–Using a metal mitten cookie cutter, cut out mittens from tortilla.Use either white or yellow shredded cheese. Decorate with thin sliced veggies or/and thin sliced sausage. Warm in skillet or on grill until cheese is melted.


Here is a list of books about mittens.

The Mitten–Jan Brett
The Mitten–Alvin Tresselt
The Mitten Tree–Candace Christiansen
Missing Mitten Mystery–Steven Kellogg
One Mitten–Kristine George


Colorful Mittens(tune Six Little Ducks)
Colorful mittens for you and me
Red ones, yellow ones blue ones too.
But the on pair of mittens that rhymes with fellow.
They’re my favorite mittens, they are the color yellow.
for additional verses replace rhymingwords–red/bed;sink/pink; bean/ green;shoe/blue etc. Children can make up their own.




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