A Gathering of Kids

Tons of activities for kids



Pirate Riley. Aaarrhh Me Hearties!



I found a cute readers theater script at www.tsl.state.tx.us/ld/projects/trc/2007/manual/piratecode.html

After reading it you might want to create your own.

Crafts: Newspaper Sailors hats–You can make one for dolly or teddy with a sheet of printer paper.

Materials — small hat-81/2 x 11 sheet of paper

child size hat–1/2 sheet of newspaper.  optional–clear tape; crayons.

directions–fold paper in half. Starting in the middle of the folded side fold down a triangle on each side. Fold one bottom flap up. Flip the hat over and fold the other bottom flap up.  If needed use a bit of tape.

Decorations: A fun placemat would be to give each child a blank piece of paper and have them make a “treasure map.”

Food:I found a funlooking dessert at www.diamondsfordessert.com/2010/06/jack-sparrows-tricorne.html It would be a great addition to the gathering.

Another fun snack addition would be to use sword shaped picks in just about any finger food.



Port side Pirates–Debbie Harter

When You’re a Pirate Dog– Eric Ode

Shiver me Timbers–Douglas Florian


Music: Pirates of the Caribbean has some great music for listening or moving to.

Poetry: The Rainy Day–Evaleen Stein

Let’s  sail all day ,away, away.

To the splendid Spanish Main

And the Sultry seas of the Caribbees.

And skies that never rain!


As pirates bold with bags of gold

And cutlasses and things,

We’ll pack doubloons and silver spoons

In chest with iron rings.


And these we’ll carry and secretly bury

In cannibal isles afar;

Like Captain Kidd, when they’re safely hid

We wont tell where they are.


Let’s sail all day, away,away

to splendid Spanish Main

And the sultry seas of the Caribbees

–But at night sail home again!




extra: Ole Blackeye –Gareth Lancaster

Ol’ Blackeye was a pirate

But he wore patches over both eyes,

And a parrot on his foot



His rotten ship and fraying flag,

Had seen much better days.

And his crew had all but left him’

‘Cause they were not getting paid!


Ole’ Blackeye couldn’t read a map,

Or sail a route by star.




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