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Activities: The reindeer Rush

Set up play area  with prize pot in the middle and two starting lines equal distance from the prize pot.  Two equal teams line up, one on each starting line. They can procede, one step at a time, toward the prize pot by correctly answering  questions about reindeeer. You may use your own questions or click on the following to get a list of questions. Reindeer Q&A

Crafts: Reindeer Yarn Bug

You will need:

Tan Yarn

brown craft foam

2googly eyes-20mm

egg carton section

brown pipecleaner

1/2 ” black pompom

5″ piece of cardboard



Make a pompom by wrapping yarn around a 5″ piece of cardboard at least 100 times.  Cut a 6″ piece of yarn and slide it under the wrapped yarn. Tie tightly into a double knot.  Turn cardboard over and cut completely through yarn on this side. Turn yarn blob sideways and smooth down strands.

Cover the top and sides of the egg carton with tacky glue. Separate  the strands of the ponpom to fit the egg carton.Press pompom into place. Arrange yarn.

Cut out a circle from the craft foam slightly larger than the bottom of the egg carton.  Glue the bottom of the egg carton onto the circle.  Glue on eyes. Glue on googly eyes.  Glue on black pompom nose.

Use pipe cleaners to form antlers Poke the pipe cleaners into the bugs head. Decorate antlers with ribbon or as desired.

Clothes Pin Reindeer
Glue together 3 clothespins-two down for body, one up for head with antlers.
Glue on two tiny eyes and a tiny pompom for the nose.
Glue on white pompom for tail.
These are cute to have on each place mat or gathered together in the center for a cernterpiece.

Food:Reindeer cones:
You will need:
disposable pastry bags
Prepared hot chocolate mix
mini marshmallows
mini chocolate chips
brown chenille stems
googly eyes
red or black pom poms
Put enough mix in the pastry bag to make two cups of cocoa. Top with marshmallows,chocolaate,and some sprinkles.Close with a brown chinille to look like antlers then tie with a bow. Glue on googly eyes and pompom.

Literature:There are several editions of “Rudolph”
The Wild Christmas Reindeer-Jan Brett
Thats not my Reindeer-Fiona Watts
Olive the Other Reindeer-Vivian Walsh

Music: Of course there is “Rudolph” but then there are a few others.
“Reindeer Pokey”(tune-Hokey Pokey)
You put your antlers in. You put your antlers out
You put antlers in and you shake them all about.
You do the Reindeer Pokey and you turn yourself around.
That’s what its all about!
Put your hooves in.. . .
Put your red nose in. . .
Put your fluffy tail. . .
Put your reinder body . . .

Extras:some of these are hard to classify, so they are just here.
Reindeer Poop–great gag gift or fun project for all
put “poop”(Chocolate drops, chocolate raisins,or plain raisins) in a bag(ziplock or other).Finish with a copy of this Poem attached to the bag.
I woke up with such a scare when I heard Santa call
“Now dash away, dash away,dash away all!”
I ran to the lawn and in the snowy white drifts,
those nasty reindeer had left “little gifts”
I got an old shovel and started to scoop
neat little piles of “reindeer Poop”
But to throw them away, seemed such a waste,
So I saved them,thinking you might like a taste!
As I finished my task, which took quite a while,
Old Santa passed by and sheepishly smiled.
And I heard him exclaim as he rose in the sky
“Welll, They’re not potty trained, but at least they can fly!”
Candy Cane Reindeer:
For each one you will need a candy cane, a piece of ribbon,2 googly eyes,a pompom, and pipecleaners or colored chinille stems. The candy cane will be the head; the eyes and pompom make the face; the pipe cleaners make the antlers; and the ribbon goes around the “neck”.

Reindeer food

In a small ziplock bag mix:

1/4 cup oatmeal

1/4 cup sugar

sprinkle of red and green sugar crystals

the amounts don’t have to be exact.

include one of these poems:

Reindeer poem

Sprinkle on the lawn at night

The moon wil make it sparkle brigjt

As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam

This will guide them to your home.


winter rabbit poem

Sprinkle on the lawn at night

 The moon will make it sparkle bright

Winter Rabbits hop and roam

This will guide them to your home.






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